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Word In Process

From my own experience, I dare to claim that the (typo)graphic designer uses and experiences language in his own way. Although he is not a writer, he still feels that his text operations have the potential to be meaningful. In fact, meanings are constantly added and modified when compressing, sending, clicking, dragging, ordinating, manipulating, converting, copying and text material. In short, the interaction with visual language in virtual environments - what I would like to call word processing - apparently emphasizes the material aspects of language and therefore shatters the illusion of its pure transparency. In this sense, the following research questions (transcending the field of typographic design) will be addressed: Can word processing be regarded as a literary or poetic activity in itself? And if so, how can word processing be (re)defined? These issues, in turn, form the basis for a thorough theoretical and artistic exploration of the specificity and potential of (literary and artistic) textual production, consumption and distribution in an information society. From this perspective, this project will explore the unsettling dynamics of hyperbolic exactitude: seemingly rational standards are forced to an extreme beyond all standards.

Date:31 Dec 2013  →  23 Aug 2018
Keywords:word processing
Disciplines:Language studies, Literary studies, Theory and methodology of language studies, Theory and methodology of linguistics, Theory and methodology of literary studies, Other languages and literary studies
Project type:PhD project