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Who sponsors climate change? An investigation into the representation and reception of climate change in news media.

The objective is to further expand the research line on media and science -which was started in my doctoral research-, in the immediate future (i) by broadening it to the representation of climate change in the media, and (ii) by deepening it to include a reception analysis of climate change in the media. In the near future, many additional avenues for research come forward. This expansion benefits from my earlier work in two important ways: (i) the formulation of an alternative media-sociological approach to the relation between media and science, following an inventory and structuring of the theoretical and empirical studies on the domain of "media and science", which has opened up perspectives for a very elaborate research agenda, and (ii) the development of a methodological framework to adequately examine this research agenda, following the comparison of previously used methods.
Date:1 Sep 2010 →  31 Aug 2015
Disciplines:Communication sciences, Journalism and professional writing, Media studies, Other media and communications