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WaRe-SimPLE: Conversion of waste water treatment systems to sustainable resource recovery province through province through the use of open source simulation-based engineering tools

The challenges associated with water-based pollution, declining nutrients and water shortage, requires  a paradigm shift, involving the transition of wastewater treatment plants into water, sanitation and resource (nutrients and energy) recovery facilities, for the promotion of social, economic and environmental sustainability in South Africa. Through capacity development in terms of knowledge building at University of Limpopo, related to modeling and simulation of recovery facilities, Northern South Africa will develop regional expertise to assist stakeholders in development and management of such novel water treatment systems. This process will involve the implementation of simulation-based engineering tools for predictive modeling of the systems. Moreover, the development of a specific educational curriculum, together with training sessions and awareness programs will  play a crucial role in this development towards improvement of human resource potential for the design and operation of future water sanitation and resource recovery facilities.

Date:1 Jan 2020  →  Today
Keywords:water-based pollution, water sanitation, Limpopo, south africa
Disciplines:Hydraulic structures, (Waste)water treatment processes