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A Volume Integral Equation (VIE) Algorithm for Modelling the Nonlocal Electromagnetic Response from a Deep Nanometer Scatterer

The recent grand leap in nanotechnology renders us the very capability of miniaturizing classical antennas down to the nanoscale and extends the concept of antennas from conventional RF frequencies to the optical regime. Very recently, the study of these nanoscale antennas, i.e. nanoantennas, has entered the so-called deep-nanometer regime, where the nanoantennas with characteristic dimensions of a few to tens of nanometers are considered. To accurately describe the new physics emerging at deep-nanometer scale, in this proposal, we make use of a hydrodynamic model to capture the size quantization effects of the material response to an incident optical field, combine it with classical Maxwell’s equations in the framework of Volume Integral Equations (VIE) and solve the optical response of the coupled system by employing Volumetric Method of Moments (V-MoM) algorithms. Through these efforts, we strongly believe that the proposed research will contribute to paving the way for the future deep-nanometer engineering of nanoantennas, in this way bringing this edge cutting science out of the lab, converting it into concrete engineering technology, and eventually incorporating the new scientific findings of nanophysics in our daily life.

Date:1 Jan 2017  →  31 Dec 2020
Keywords:Volume Integral Equation Algorithm, Deep Nanometer Scatterer, Nonlocal Electromagnetic Response
Disciplines:Modelling, Multimedia processing