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In vivo POC of potential respiratory probiotic strains (REINSPIRE).

Probiotics are defined as live microorganisms which, when applied inadequate amounts, confer a health benefit to the host (FAO/WHO, 2001). These microbes are generally applied in the gastrointestinal tract via fermented food products or capsules. In previous research, we isolated bacterial strains with potential probiotic properties for the upper respiratory tract based on in vitro laboratorytests and genome sequencing. Here, we want to deliver the POC that – at least one of - these strains has also interesting properties in vivo, i.e. that this strain is able to –temporarily- colonize the upper respiratory tract of healthy volunteers after oral and nasal application.
Date:1 Jan 2018  →  31 Dec 2018
Disciplines:Microbiology, Systems biology, Laboratory medicine, Otorhinolaryngology, Speech, language and hearing sciences