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Vehicle noise source modeling in the context of real world operation data

I will carry out research in assessing the real-world noise emission from road transport by employing reduced source modeling combined with real-world operation data. In detail, I will develop and extend state-of-the-art source models for predicting the noise footprint from road transport. Large-scale real-world data, collected by diverse databases, will be used in order to perform statistical time-space analyses and scenario evaluations. Innovative aspects: Applying noise source modeling of individual vehicles to large collectives of vehicles by employing big data; Analyzing noise scenarios in the context of the on-going electrification of urban road transport; Evaluating the real world effectiveness of (future) regulatory actions for reducing transport noise emissions.

Date:23 Oct 2018  →  Today
Keywords:big data
Disciplines:Ceramic and glass materials, Materials science and engineering, Semiconductor materials, Other materials engineering, Other engineering and technology
Project type:PhD project