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Valorization of novel strategies for the prevention of viral infection and inhibition of viral replication.

Antiviral drugs are only available for a handful of viruses. Also in the vaccine field a similar scenario can be seen. For many other viral infections that pose an important treat to human health (including re-emerging & neglected infections), there are no antiviral strategies available. The changing ecosystem increases the pressure on the appearance of (novel) viruses (with epidemic/pandemic potential). With this project, we aim to further play a leading role in the development of therapeutic and prophylactic strategies against viral infections both by the development of (i) small molecule antivirals and of (ii) vaccine candidates against a number of indications. For the latter, we will make use of our revolutionary PLLAV vaccine platform technology, which allows to develop thermostable vaccines that will largely facilitate the logistics of vaccination campaigns in low and middle income countries. This program is entirely in line with the mission and expertise of the laboratory and the Rega Institute that has a track record in the successful development of antiviral drugs.

Date:1 Nov 2015 →  Today
Keywords:molecular vaccinology, antiviral, drug discovery, Prophylactic and therapeutic, vaccine discovery
Disciplines:Molecular and cell biology not elsewhere classified, In vitro testing, Vaccinology, Infectious diseases, Virology, Non-clinical studies, Compound screening, Applied immunology, Microbiology not elsewhere classified, Drug discovery and development not elsewhere classified