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Using Goal-Oriented Modeling as a Tool to Support Corporate and IT Governance.

Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering (GORE) suggests to represent an organization in terms of actors pursuing individual and collective goals. GORE models can also be used to represent organization-wide strategic objectives aimed to lead it into an enhanced competitive position in the long-term. Corporate and IT governance investment decisions are mostly taken in order to satisfy these long-term objectives. GORE models can thus be used as a support tool for these decisions. This research project is aimed to further develop a GORE-based framework for evaluating the alignment of (IT-based) projects with the organization’s business and IT strategies. Specifically, it is aimed to (i) support practitioners willing to apply the Strategic Alignment Model using GORE models and (ii) support stakeholder-based corporate governance. Also, a software tool to support the GORE models’ edition will be built. The approach will be applied and validated in the governance of a smart city programme.
Date:18 Dec 2018 →  30 Sep 2020
Keywords:IT governance
Disciplines:Records and information management