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Use of alcohol, illegal drugs, hypnotics and tranquilizers in the Belgian population. Prevention and treatment by general practioners, and health surveillance on the work floor by occupational physicians: knowledge needs and supply (UP TO DATE).

The UP-TO-DATE consortium aims at providing an accurate view of the management of addiction in Belgium, from the physicians' perspective. The purpose of this research is to know 1) what the current demand is for care in the front line; 2) to what extent GPs andOPs are involved in this problem, and 3) what resources they are able to use for providing appropriate response to alltypes of requests for treatment of substance abuse. Other professionals from the addiction sector will also be interviewedto assess if they consider these physicians as a support, and if the role played by GPs is sufficiently valued.
Date:1 Dec 2011 →  1 Dec 2014
Disciplines:Public health care, Public health sciences, Public health services, Education curriculum
Project type:Collaboration project