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Unraveling Wnt signaling in cartilage to deal with osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disorder worldwide, for which no cure exists. Increasing evidence suggests that the Wnt pathway plays a critical role in this disease and may be an effective target for therapy. However, modulation of this cascade to safeguard cartilage health remains a challenge, as we do not fully understand how it is regulated. My research program aims to dissect molecular mechanisms that control the Wnt pathway in cartilage, to develop Wnt-based therapeutic strategies for osteoarthritis. I will build on previous knowledge and experience by investigating factors that potentiate DOT1L, an enzyme we identified to be a key Wnt pathway modulator in cartilage. Furthermore, I aim to discover novel elements that modulate the effects of the Wnt pathway using innovative screening technologies, and I will build on strong preliminary data revealing novel interactions of the Wnt pathway.
Date:1 Oct 2019 →  30 Sep 2021
Keywords:Cartilage, Wnt signaling, Osteoarthritis
Disciplines:Musculo-skeletal systems