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Unraveling the role of Candida albicans and its G-protein coupled receptor, Gpr1, in the gastrointestinal tract microbiome

This project will establish the role of Gpr1 in filamentation and ß-glucan masking within the GI tract and elucidate the downstream signaling pathways of Gpr1 using an innovative reversible split reporter system. Interesting point mutants within Gpr1 which show a defect in stimulating either filamentation or ß-glucan masking will provide a solid testing platform to distinguish the two signaling pathways. We will assess the intricate relations between the host, bacteria and Candida in an in vitro intestine-on-chip and in vivo murine GI colonization model. Using these models, we will be able to investigate immune response, epithelial damage, cell morphology, metabolites, … and provide a comprehensive overview of Gpr1 signaling and its consequences on the microbiome.
Date:1 Oct 2021 →  Today
Keywords:Candida albicans, microbiome, gastrointestinal, biosensor, lactobacillus
Disciplines:Mycology, Microbiomes , Cell signaling, Cell growth and development