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Understanding in-depth the antioxidant mechanism of n-3 LC-PUFA rich photoautotrophic microalgae

During my postdoctoral research, I want to fill the gap in the current knowledge on the detailed antioxidant mechanism of n-3 LC-PUFA rich photoautotrophic microalgae. Next to the type of carotenoids and their location, the type of lipid in which the n-3 LC-PUFA are present may have an influence as well. I will use a bottom-up approach to elucidate the antioxidant mechanism, meaning that experiments will start on very simple model systems and gradually more complex systems will be used with ingredients being added systematically. Primarily, n-3 LC-PUFA rich emulsions (with a specific lipid-carotenoid combination) will be studied as model for many food products. Additionally, new methodologies will be implemented in the lab and supplemental data (the results on the impact of type of vegetable puree (PhD) and unique results concerning oxidative stability of microalgal extracts (Omega – EXTRACT) will be written up and submitted as two more first author papers.
Date:1 Jan 2020  →  15 Apr 2021
Keywords:microalgae, carotenoids, lipid oxidation, interfacial engineering
Disciplines:Algae biotechnology