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Ultrasonic Microreactors for the generation of functionalized materials

Microreaction technology provides new avenues for efficient and sustainable manufacturing of chemicals. The application of microfluidic techniques to generate droplets or emulsions for subsequent functionalization is gaining interest. The traditional microfluidic techniques suffer from constraints for the generation of nano-scale droplets. Ultrasonic microreactors can address these constraints and generate nano-scale droplets. However, their application is limited by the knowledge of emulsification in ultrasonic microreactors. This research project aims to advance the knowledge by studying the emulsification mechanism and influence of operating parameters on droplet size in ultrasonic microreactors. In addition, novel ultrasonic microreactors will be developed to generate monodisperse nano-scale droplet emulsions for subsequent functionalization. The project will achieve the generation of nanoparticles for the controlled release of biologically active molecules and polymer nanoparticles suited for the encapsulation of quantum dots for display applications. 

Date:1 Sep 2019  →  Today
Keywords:Microreactor, scale-up, droplets, emulsions, nanoparticles
Disciplines:Microfluidics/flow chemistry, Intensification, Powder and particle technology, (Multiphase) flow
Project type:PhD project