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Two-domain proteins composed of a glycoside hydrolase and a ricinBlectin domain: a synergistic relationship? (3G008619)

We recently identified a new type of two-domain plant proteins consisting of a carbohydrate
modifying glycoside hydrolase domain and a carbohydrate-binding ricinB domain. Our analyses
show that these proteins are present throughout the plant kingdom. We hypothesize that these
two-domain proteins exert a bifunctional role. Taken into account the ability of the ricinB domain to
recognize and bind specific sugar residues, it is expected that this interaction can aid the glycoside
hydrolase domain in the hydrolysis of complex polysaccharides. This research project aims to (1)
investigate the activity and specificity of the glycoside hydrolase and ricinB protein domains and (2)
to decipher the physiological role of these multi-domain proteins in plants. Ultimately, the results of
this research can contribute to the development of plants with better performance under stress

Date:1 Jan 2019  →  Today
Disciplines:Biological system engineering, Other (bio)medical engineering, Industrial biotechnology, Biomaterials engineering, Biomechanical engineering, Other biotechnology, bio-engineering and biosystem engineering, Environmental engineering and biotechnology