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Transforming streets into accessible urban oases through consensus building with digital and analogue tools (BRGPROV15)

The transformation of neighbourhoods from car-dominated to people-centred places requires the consensus of multiple stakeholders. Consensus can be built by developing a common understanding of the local issues, building trust among stakeholders, empowerment of local communities to act on their own issues and raising awareness of the long-term impacts of street interventions. The project will develop the StreetForum toolkit to help urban authorities, citizens and civic organisations to build consensus around street transformation projects affecting accessibility in urban neighbourhoods. It will consist of analogue and digital tools that help consensus building and negotiation of access and design. We will develop stakeholder personas and narratives representative of street transformation, a collaborative digital crowdsourcing tool, a consensus making design game, an online street value assessment platform, a physical mobile co-design cart guidelines for using art installations and cultural events as well as governance guidelines. The toolkit will be tested in 4 living labs (Brussels, Vienna, Stockholm, Istanbul) to evaluate its impact, transferability and scalability and will be available as free-to-use resources for the broader community.
Date:1 Mar 2023 →  Today
Keywords:street transformation, consensus making, participation, co-design, Awareness Raising
Disciplines:Infrastructure, transport and mobility engineering not elsewhere classified
Project type:Collaboration project