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Towards understanding the extractability and functionality of fruit and vegetable derived cell wall polysaccharides using non-conventional extraction techniques

Pectin, a cell wall polysaccharide in fruits and vegetables, is an important texturizing ingredient for the food industry. Since traditional pectin extraction results in degradation of pectic polymers and has a high environmental impact, novel extraction techniques have been proposed in recent decades. However, the potential of these non-conventional techniques is still unclear, mainly due to the fragmentary nature and ‘trial-and-error’ approach of the conducted studies, without mechanistic insight into these extraction techniques.In this context, an FWO-proposal was submitted in which novel in situ visualization techniques will be introduced to gain fundamental insights into several novel extraction techniques. An integrated approach will be applied, not only evaluating pectin extractability, but also the molecular properties and the functionality. The current PDM-proposal will be focused on (i) gaining insight into enzyme-assisted extraction of pectin from apple pomace using immunofluorescence co-labelling, and (ii) characterization of the extract in terms of molecular and functional properties.
Date:1 Oct 2019  →  Today
Keywords:Cell wall polysaccharides, Fruits and vegetables, Enzyme-assisted extraction, Immunofluorescence labelling, Rheology
Disciplines:Food sciences and (bio)technology not elsewhere classified