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A time to care and to be cared for: the wellbeing of childbearing women and the organization of maternity care in a cross-national perspective

In the post-doc phase of this research two goals are pursued: 1) the impact of the tension between the organisation of formal and informal care and work, for the wellbeing of mothers and fathers will be addressed. 2) The cross-national comparison of Flanders and the Netherlands will be extended with other countries in the preparation for a new data collection. The sociological background for the study of these matters is multi-fold: medicalisation, gender and the welfare state and work-family conflict.

Date:1 Oct 2008 →  5 Dec 2011
Keywords:formal and informal care, fatherhood, motherhood, medicalisation, gender, welfare state, work-familiy conflict
Disciplines:Demography, Social theory and sociological methods, Social stratification, Public health sciences, Public health care, Applied sociology, Other sociology and anthropology, Public health services, Sociology of life course, family and health, Social psychology, Policy and administration