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Thermomechanical behaviour of unidirectional glass fiber reinforced rigid PVC profiles during processing and application

Manufacturers of window profiles are increasingly challenged to achieve higher rigidity without the need for post-processing of profiles. To achieve this, taking into account durability, an appropriate amount of fiberglass UD tapes will be placed inside the PVC profile. The location and quantity of these tapes have a major influence on the processability and the performance of the final product. During the production process, the fluctuating viscosity of the PVC material can cause a varying load for the UD tape that is introduced into the extrusion die. If this tape is present in the wrong place or quantity in the profile, unwanted deformations will occur after production. Furthermore, the stresses present in the end product must also be sufficiently low so that no plastic deformation occurs when unilaterally heated or loaded.

Date:24 Nov 2020 →  Today
Keywords:reinforced rigid PVC, Thermomechanical analysis, Thermomechanical simulation, Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer
Disciplines:Polymer composites, Materials processing, Polymer processing, Numerical modelling and design
Project type:PhD project