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Tech4Health: Venturing into Future Health Technologies (IOFACC12)

Venturing into future health technologies is the focused thematic of the existing GEAR-consortium Tech4Health, comprising team members of two departments: Electronics and Informatics (ETRO) and Industrial Engineering (INDI) of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences. Both departments bring a wide variety of expertise domains together ranging from medical device design, multi-physics computer simulations, digital health and computer-aided diagnosis, embedded system electronics, augmented and virtual reality, AI and big data, smart industry.
The requested GEAR-acceleration funding will be utilized to update and improve the matchmaking between the available technologies in the consortium (push) and the market demands (pull) hereby taking into account the changing societal boundary conditions: increased societal awareness to keep control on expanding healthcare costs, the increasing importance of sustainability aspects in all technology sectors and the impact of climate change on society and well-being. The implementation of this matchmaking will be managed by a team of experts with different backgrounds in valorization strategies and business development for academic technologies. This should lead to a more successful and intense collaboration with industry and increased project funding on the European level.
Date:1 Jan 2024 →  Today
Keywords:medical devices, digital health platform, artificial intelligence
Disciplines:Health information systems of medical informatics
Project type:Collaboration project