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A Tale of Two Processes. The dynamic interplay between emotion and cognition when learning from texts.

This project aims to investigate how the integration of narratives in didactic texts can optimize the processing of the information through the dynamic interplay of emotional and cognitive processes and thereby lead to desired learning outcomes. The first objective of this project is to develop valid and reliable dynamic measures of emotional processes during the reading of texts, relying on a multi-method approach (combining self-reports and think-aloud methods, with eye-tracking and psychophysiological measures). Building on the findings from the first research phase, the second objective of the project is to study the dynamic interplay between cognitive and emotional processing and during processing of texts augmented with narrative elements (in different formats). The third objective is to examine how the dynamic interplay between cognitive and emotional processes affects learning outcomes.
Date:1 Jan 2020 →  Today
Disciplines:Instructional psychology and instructional design, Communication sciences not elsewhere classified