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Tactile Experiences for Cross Reality Applications. (R-11675)

In everyday usage, our hands have a very important function and are 'made' to manipulate things, which allows us to interact in a fluent and comfortable way. Many current Cross Reality applications, however, require users to perform mid-air gestures without any sense of tangibility. Leaving out this elementary aspect of human interaction is detrimental to the user experience and immersive feeling. In this PhD, we will research novel techniques to generate tactile experience for interaction, more specifically realistic interaction with interfaces. The tactile feedback is created by providing the user with matching physical interface elements for the virtual interface element they want to interact with. A second track of this PhD is studying the range of possible mismatches between physical and virtual interface elements.
Date:2 Jun 2020 →  Today
Keywords:Cross Reality, Haptic feedback, HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION, Tactile Feedback, Virtual Reality
Disciplines:Human-computer interaction, Virtual reality and related simulation