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Sustainable materialization of residues from thermal processes into products (SMaRT-Pro2).

This knowledge platform investigates the combined sustainable recycling of carbon dioxide and solid residues from thermal industrial processes. Three important recycling options are under scrutiny: production of a carbon sink to sequester carbon dioxide in alkaline waste materials, production of construction material with improved properties, and production of a porous material from fly ash which can capture and immobilize heavy metals from wastewater. These options are investigated with respect to the required process, the resulting product and the economic, ecological, legislative and societal potential. The platform consists of various K.U.Leuven experts - in the field of technology, economy, psychology and legislation - who work together to transfrom knowledge into applications. Four PhD students from the heart of the platform. In order to bring forth industrially relevant results, a sounding board - consisting of industry, authorities and civil society - will closely and regularly follow up the progress in the platform.
Date:1 Oct 2009  →  30 Sep 2013
Keywords:High temperature processes, Carbon dioxide, Construction material, Recycling, Solid waste, Carbon sequestration, Sorbent, Industrial ecology
Disciplines:Structural engineering, Other civil and building engineering, Applied economics, Catalysis and reacting systems engineering, Chemical product design and formulation, General chemical and biochemical engineering, Process engineering, Separation and membrane technologies, Transport phenomena, Other (bio)chemical engineering, Other materials engineering