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Sustainable development and human rights law (SUSTLAW).

The ITP Sustainable Development and Human Rights Law (SUSTLAW) aims to offer a comprehensive teaching programme based on the research lines of the University of Antwerp Law and Development Research Group. The ITP SUSTLAW examines what the potential and limits are of the law in realising human rights and sustainable development in a globalized world. It does so by providing key conceptual and analytical tools to gain in depth knowledge of and critically assess the interplay between law and development.The ITP aims to contribute to a level playing field in the North/South debates on global legal reform in the area of sustainable development and human rights. Increasingly, global debates focus on human rights and sustainable development as two key principles underpinning any development cooperation. Against this background, the ITP is designed to give participants the necessary background and tools in critically appraising the two principles of human rights and sustainable development in legal and policy-oriented debates as well as to assess attitudes to sustainable development and human rights in different geographical contexts. The ITP also envisages the development of writing, presentation and argument skills of the participants to assist them in their career development. In addition, the programme is expected to equip participants from the Global South with the requisite knowledge on political and legal processes underpinning policy in the area of sustainable development for turning the commitment of Northern 'development partners' into reality. This will be achieved not only through interactive teaching but also through networking opportunities with experts from the North, both researchers and practitioners in the field.
Date:11 Apr 2016 →  10 Jun 2016
Disciplines:Economic development, innovation, technological change and growth, Law
Project type:Service project