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Support Centre for Well-being of the Public Health and Family and related short-term assignments.

The Centre for Welfare, Public Health and Family (2012-2015), an initiative of the Flemish government, is a consortium of the KU Leuven, the University of Ghent and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel that unites the scientific expertise of professors and researchers in various disciplines. The research programme of the Centre consists of a multi-year research plan and short-term research. The long-term plan covers three research lines: Research line 1 - Monitoring of care needs and use Research line 2 - Evaluation of preventive and care interventions Research line 3 - Care organisation and policy. Each year, at the request of the Minister of Welfare, Public Health and Family, the WVG support centre carries out short-term studies that respond to acute policy questions. The short-term study is supervised by steering committees composed of representatives from the policy area of Welfare, Public Health and Family and researchers. In doing so, the Service strives for a constructive dialogue between policy and scientific research. An overview can be foundĀ on the webpage http://steunpuntwvg.be/onderzoeksprogramma/korte-termijnonderzoek-map.

Date:1 Jan 2012 →  30 Jun 2016
Keywords:Public health
Disciplines:Public health care, Public health sciences, Public health services