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Study of the mechanisms of action by which MUC1 and MUC13 affect the intestinal barrier upon inflammation in inflammatory bowel disease.

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD), such as Crohn's disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC), have an increasing prevalence over time and in different regions around the world and must be seen as major contributors to health problems worldwide. Unfortunately, the available therapies often provide insufficient results and novel biomarker assays are eagerly awaited. There is emerging evidence of a barrier dysfunction or 'leaky gut' in IBD. The intestinal mucosal barrier consists of a thick mucus layer, a single epithelial cell layer and the lamina propria interacting with innate and adaptive immune cells. The major components of the mucus barrier are secreted and transmembrane mucins (MUCs). We have own data demonstrating a role for MUC1 and MUC13 in intestinal barrier disruption in IBD. Therefore, the objective of this project is to gain more insights into the mechanisms by which MUC1 and MUC13 affect the functionality of the intestinal barrier upon inflammation in IBD. The results of this project are of utmost importance as they open possibilities to explore the role of MUC1 and MUC13 as biomarkers and potential drug targets.
Date:1 Apr 2021  →  Today