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Structure and performance optimization of fibrous energy storage devices

Fibrous energy storage devices play an important role in the wearable field. They can provide energy for many flexible wearable devices while maintaining a good combination with them. But it is still some distance away from practical application, its energy and power density density needs to be further improved, and the cycle performance also needs to be further improved. Therefore, in order to effectively improve the performance of the device, my Ph.D. subject mainly includes the following three aspects. 1. Adopting proper structure design of devices to efficiently improve the energy density of the devices. 2. Using MOFs materials as the solid electrolyte or active materials to improve the cycling performance of fiber-shaped devices. 3 Using MOFs or MOFs relevent derivatives as active material to improve energy/power density of fiber-shaped devices.

Date:24 Feb 2021  →  Today
Keywords:Fibrous energy storage devices
Disciplines:Materials synthesis
Project type:PhD project