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Structure and function of the cerebral cortex in human and nonhuman patients: from single cells to deficits in patients (Leuven Cerebral Cortex Center).

The Leuven Cerebral Cortex Center (LC3) aims to investigate the strucd function of the normal and diseased brain in both humans and nonhuman s. We will adopt a comprehensive strategy to unravel the neural basis ofant brain functions: object processing, attention and reward, and intersnbsp;communication and action recognition. These higher brain functions studied using a wide range of research tools including modeling, electrlogy, and functional imaging (fMRI). We will study nonhuman primates - t animal model of cognitive brain functions in the human - but also normas and patients. In each of these research topics we will study the effecnnectivity between brain areas, the relation between brain activity and r, and the neural mechanisms underlying brain pathology. Our research com is rooted in a strong convergence between basic and clinical neure, such that animal and patient studies can run in parallel using the sauli, tasks and imaging techniques. Our ultimate goal is to bridge the gaen basic and clinical research.
Date:1 Nov 2010 →  31 Oct 2017
Disciplines:Neurosciences, Biological and physiological psychology, Cognitive science and intelligent systems, Developmental psychology and ageing