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Strengthening institutional capacity to support public administration and/or development management programmes at Ambo University Ethiopia.

This project aims at contributing to development through the lever of public administration. To this end, it stimulates the Ethiopian market of academic services (research, teaching and services to the community) in the field of public administration. On the one hand, capacities are created at Ambo University through short term training on elaboration of teaching modules, research methods, and policy advises, and four PhD trainings. On the other hand, institutions are created to allow demand (public sector, private sector and non-profit sector) and supply (academic institutions) to meet, notably in the form of an Ethiopian Association of Public Administration and Development (EAPAD). During the project, this mode of cooperation is experienced through the four PhD research projects of performance management, leadership and public values, multi-level governance and partnership management. During the project formulation, stakeholders identified these themes as having the greatest potential added value for development, in the field of public administration. PhD candidates will study these themes theoretically in Leuven, and perform policy-relevant empirical research in Ethiopia. Input from, collaboration with, and diffusion of findings to stakeholders will be regularly organized during workshops, which will be progressively institutionalized in the EAPAD. After the project, Ambo University will have the necessary skills (four professors) and institutions (EAPAD) to spread the benefits of the project beyond Ambo University, connect to the international community of public administration academics and practitioners, and hence make a sustainable contribution to development.
Date:1 Oct 2013  →  30 Sep 2018
Keywords:Stakeholders, Public administration, Development, Partnerships management, Multi-level governance, Leadership, Performance management, Capacity-building
Disciplines:Economic development, innovation, technological change and growth