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STREAM - A spatiotemporal research infrastructure for Early Modern Flanders and Brabant (HERC29)

The aim of STREAM is to develop a research infrastructure for early modern Flanders and Brabant (c. 1550-1800). STREAM is designed to protect and facilitate access to a multitude of historical data for scientific research. Up until now early modern historians have been unable to profit from recent ICT-developments because most sources for these regions are only available on paper. Moreover, current early modern research consists predominantly of micro-studies, whose representativeness remains unclear, and of ‘national’ estimates that ignore regional differences. STREAM will tackle these issues by bringing together local and regionally diversified datasets and by developing new research instruments. Once operational, the infrastructure will provide a geographically comprehensive and long-run quantitative account of early modern society in Flanders and Brabant. It will contain key data regarding territory, demography, transport, agriculture, industry, trade, labour etc. As a result, the project will deliver a solid empirical underpinning for future research on early modern society.
Date:1 Jun 2014  →  31 May 2019
Keywords:Historical data, ICT
Disciplines:History of performing arts