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Strategic Research Programme: Processing of large scale multi-dimensional, multi-spectral, multi-sensorial and distributed data (M³D²) (SRP11)

Focusses on i) the data modeling, (ii) the exploitation of sparsity, (iii) the associated data analysis and fusion, (iv) the sensor design. Signal, image and video processing, compression, data analysis, end-to-end system design.Cross‐disciplinary: multi‐dimensional signal theory, system theory & design, and physical engineering sciences
Date:1 Nov 2012  →  Today
Keywords:Low Power Cmos, Digital Image Processing, Numerical Linear Algebra, Embedded System Design, Image Reconstruction, Displays, Audio Processing, Light Detectors, Micro-Electronics Technology, Sige Bicmos Design, Satellite Image Analysis, Telemedicine, Medical Image Analysis, Inverse Problems, Video Compression, JPEGx, Neural Networks, Mine Detection, Vision, Digital Signal Processing, Electronic System Design, Machine Vision, Micro Electronics, Cmos Design, Chip Interconnects (Inter / Intra), Humanitarian Demining, Speech Processing, Mpegx, Light Emitters, Pattern Recognition, Mm-Wave Technology, Robot Vision, Impedance Tomography, Image Compression, Light Modulators, Computer Aided Electronic Design, Medical Image Visualization, Motion Estimation And Tracking, Opto-Electronics, Multispectral Image Analysis, Electronics, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Industrial Visual Inspection, Image Analysis