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Stimulating sustainability in childhood. The effectiveness of communication strategies targeting children and adolescents to encourage sustainability

In stimulating sustainable (and healthy) attitudes and behavior, it is important to start from a young age and to focus on minors. In that respect, children and adolescents are on the one hand an important primary (current and future) target group but also a secondary target group (for example, they influence their parents and peers). This research project therefore aims to investigate which (communication-) techniques (e.g. education, social media, nudges, etc.), with children and youngsters as a target group, can encourage (a) sustainable and healthy attitudes and behavior of minors themselves and (b) how this in turn can affect others (such as parents and peers). The project will also explore in which way this happens and via which mechanisms.

Date:1 Jan 2021  →  Today
Keywords:Behavioral change, Children and parents, Persuasive communication, Consumer behavior, Sustainable consumption, Sustainability
Disciplines:Media and communication policy, Media and communication theory, Marketing communications, Consumer behaviour, Communication management, Science and health communication, Advertising