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Spinning out of control: A personalized prediction model for binging behavior in eating and alcohol disorders.

It is difficult to understand what drives psychiatric patients into acratic behaviors such as binge drinking or extreme food choices, causing serious self-harm, permanent impairment and occasionally death. Increase in stress is known to trigger binging behavior. In this study, we hypothesize that under stressful circumstances, biological mechanisms originating in the brain and body trigger problematic loss of control and abnormal incentive processing in alcohol use disorder (AUD) and bulimia disorder (BD), pushing patients into a binging episode.Our main aim will be to build a personalized prediction model using machine learning and graph-based techniques, finding (bio)markers to predict onset vulnerability, binging severity and course of illness in both BN and AUD. We believe that, before behavior spins out of control and a new episode of psychopathology sets in, patients already have alterations in their brain and body in daily life affecting behavioral choices.Hereto, the simultaneous combined positron emission tomography (PET)-magnetic resonance (MR) scanner, will be performed in first-onset AUD and BD patients in rest and stressful conditions. The findings obtained across multiple brain imaging modalities will then be integrated and correlated with psychophysiological and lifestyle measurement data obtained during daily life. We will measure autonomous nervous system (ANS) in daily life as a measure of biological stress. Environmental data will be collected by using experienced sample method (ESM), to register lifestyle in real time. Applying these techniques will be an innovative attempt to use neuroimaging data as a translational tool in psychopathology, specifically to build an individualized model to predict binging behavior in AUD and BD. Moreover, in the field of psychiatry, the prediction model will give us the opportunity to recognize the urge for binging in daily life early in patients and improve treatment interventions before spinning into full blown psychopathology.
Date:1 Oct 2018  →  Today
Keywords:simultaneous PET-MR imaging, daily life stress, personalized prediction model, Bulimia Nervosa, Alcohol use disorder
Disciplines:Psychiatry and psychotherapy, Nursing, Other paramedical sciences, Clinical and counseling psychology, Other psychology and cognitive sciences