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On a spicy journey: In search of climate resilient vanilla production systems

Climate change is predicted to severely affect the agricultural sector, and diversification at both crop genetic and system level is vital in the development of climate resilient agro-systems. The tropical cash crop vanilla is facing a number of threats that are jeopardizing its future supply. Being an important crop for many smallholder farmers around the tropics and a highly appreciated spice used in a range of products, there is an urgent need to enhance the resilience of the vanilla sector against projected climate change effects. The present project therefore aims at identifying climate resilient vanilla genotypes and agroforestry systems, by applying an interdisciplinary approach that combines distribution modelling with an experimental evaluation of species-specific stress resistance, and a participatory resilience assessment of existing vanilla production systems. The results of this project will be translated into practical guidelines for the development and certification of climate resilient vanilla production systems across the Neotropics.
Date:1 Oct 2022 →  Today
Keywords:Crop wild relatives, Climate change, Plant-environment interactions, Species distribution modelling, Sustainable production systems
Disciplines:Conservation and biodiversity, Natural resource management, Population, ecological and evolutionary genetics, Modelling and simulation, Climate change