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Spatial Policy Research Center.

On the 10th of November 2011, the Flemish Government approved the third generation of Policy Centers 2012-2015. The "Policy Research Center on Spatial Development" is the successor of the Space and Housing Policy Research Centre - team Spatial Planning" (www.steunpuntruimteenwonen.be) in a consortium consisting of the KULeuven, UGent, UA, WENK and Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen. The policy relevant research focuses on valuable and current topics related to Spatial Planning, namely polycentrism, resilience, scenarios and monitoring. The KULeuven is involved in the various lines of research of the Policy Centre in cooperation with other institutions of the consortium. The research group P & D (ASRO) is responsible for the overall coordination and initiates Work Package 3: "Future Explorations". OSA (ASRO) participates in the Work Package 1 "Polycentrism." ABNL (EES) shares its expertise in the Work Package 2 "Resilience". SADL initiates Work Package 4 "Monitoring and Policy Evaluation" in cooperation with the Public Management Institute (IO). More detailed information about the research lines can be found on the website www.steunpuntruimte.be.
Date:1 Jan 2012  →  31 Dec 2015
Keywords:Policy evaluation, Monitoring, Future explorations, Resilience, Polycentrism, Spatial planning
Disciplines:Urban and regional design, development and planning