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Solid State Dielectric Supercapacitors based on Amorphous SnOx/SnyTi1-yO2/TizAl1-zO1.5+0.5z Artificial Dielectric Lattice for Energy Storage and Power Electronics

Inferior energy storage density (ESD) of device is now the major factor hindering capacitors to serve as primary sources in renewable energy, electric vehicles and electronics. Recently, dielectric-based solid capacitors are achieving excellent ESD and high working voltage in tiny dimensions, emerging as a powerful competitor to electrochemical supercapacitors in the race to higher capacity, but yet unable to be scaled to larger size for devices. Our previous study has shown that one dimensional electron-based artificial dielectric lattice (EADL) consisting of alternating n-type semiconducting/insulating sublayers is a promising candidate for advanced dielectrics. Moreover, its periodic structure grown by Atomic Layer Deposition makes it perfectly scalable in both area and thickness, raising the possibility of transferring it to high aspect ratio nanostructures. In this project, we propose a totally new type of dielectric supercapacitor building on a novel ternary SnOx/SnyTi1-yO2/TizAl1-zO1.5+0.5z (SST)-EADL and nanoporous metal electrodes. Band engineering and gradient composition are introduced in SST-EADLs to tune interface potential structure and secure high quality interfaces, which jointly suppress strong local field and achieve high breakdown strength. The SST-EADLs supercapacitors combining advanced dielectrics and large electrode area, are expected to show high ESD and working voltage, fast charging rate, long cycling life and excellent environmental adaptability.

Date:28 Oct 2021 →  Today
Keywords:atomic layer deposition, artificial dielectric lattice, solid-state supercapcitor
Disciplines:Functional materials, Physical chemistry not elsewhere classified, Materials physics not elsewhere classified, Nanomaterials, Energy storage