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Social Inclusion Of Children With Special Needs In Uganda – A Photovoice Study.

Approximately 13% of the Ugandan children are living with some form of disability. Promoting inclusive societies for children living with a disability has been recognized to be the cornerstone of disability policies in the international, but also in the Ugandan context. However, previous research has demonstrated that when it comes to implementing such inclusive programs and allocating adequate resources many African countries, such as Uganda, lag behind. Based on the literature review we are currently undertaking, there is a clear research need to investigate how children are included in different activities in the Ugandan society. Therefore this research project aims to investigate (1) the mechanisms by which children with a disability are included in education, rehabilitation, cultural and recreational activities in the Ugandan society; (2) which barriers impede inclusion of children with disability? As research is needed which is undertaken in collaboration with disabled children and their parents, photo elicitation will be used to answer our research questions. Fieldwork will be conducted in collaboration with researchers from Makerere University. Respondents will be recruited in collaboration with the Angel's Centre, which is a non-governmental organization, located in Wakiso district, in the central region of Uganda. This project proposal is both relevant for academic and policy purposes. For academic research, and research that feeds into policy change, this research has the potential to plug a gap in the understanding of social inclusion of children with a disability and its barriers in resource limited settings. This pilot project will not only result in academic publications and presentations, but also in new project proposals. Based on the lessons learned from this innovative pilot project, future research grant applications will be submitted aiming to build a new line of research.
Date:1 Apr 2017 →  31 Mar 2018
Disciplines:Applied sociology, Policy and administration, Social psychology, Social stratification, Social theory and sociological methods, Social work, Sociology of life course, family and health, Other sociology and anthropology