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SNIPPET: Secure aNd prIvacy-friendly Peer-to-Peer Electricity Trading (SNIPPET)

Peer-to-peer electricity markets allow users to trade electricity among themselves thereby increasing their financial well-being. Moreover, electricity exchange between nearby users can significantly reduce electricity loss on the grid. Bids and offers in such markets can be created from a heterogeneous set of generation and storage devices and flexible loads.

However, such markets also create opportunities for malicious players to misbehave in order to maximize their profits. Potential threats are impersonation, data manipulation, disputes and privacy breaches; users' offers and bids are closely correlated to their consumption patterns, which potentially reveal sensitive information, such as circumstances relating to personal health.

Moreover, local trading increases the range of stakeholders involved in managing energy transactions, necessitating research into the application of centralized regulatory regimes such as European data protection law and Network and Information Security law, on dispersed stakeholders with varying responsibility.

Within the SNIPPET project, we will design a number of solutions (e.g. bid and offer generation, market clearance, settlements, dispute resolutions, etc.) to facilitate secure and privacy-friendly peer-to-peer electricity trading. The designed solutions will have limited (or no) grid impact, are compliant with the relevant legislation, and keep all market players happy even if they might have disruptive effect on the current energy value chain.

Hence, this interdisciplinary project will bring the state-of-art together in security and privacy for smart power systems, empower consumers to maximally integrate green energy into local use, and be within current and future regulatory boundary conditions.

Date:1 Jan 2019 →  31 Dec 2022
Keywords:Cryptography and coding theory
Disciplines:Theoretical computer science not elsewhere classified, Communication networks, Cryptography, privacy and security