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Smart Driver Pass

Today individual procedures and solutions with badges and identity cards often lead to loss of time and higher costs. Every company and site has its own pasports, security passes, etc… With this project VIL wishes to unite these solutions into one accessible application.

A smartphone application which is linked to databases (with information on the driver, vehicle and transport order), will be an easy to use alternative, that will not only provide a solution for many smaller loading and unloading zones, but also be more efficient and safe.

The current systems focus mainly on safety and access control, while the VIL app will have many more extra functionalities with added value, e.g. pre-arrival notifications, notifictations of drivers who are already registered, identification in case of night deliveries, notifications of emergencies, etc.

In the design of this app, VIL will strive for maximum interoperability with existing systems.

Date:1 Oct 2020  →  Today
Keywords:Acces Control, Database, App, Identification
Disciplines:Transport economics