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In situ pro toto. The post-war construction site as a pars pro toto of the building practice.

This research project studies the evolution of small, medium and large post-war construction sites in aninternational comparative perspective. By doing so, the project aims to shift away from the traditional architecturalhistorical research and critique, which focuses on the architectural design and the built result, monofunctionalstudies on materials or experts in the field. By focusing on the building process, an integrated social and culturalapproach is the point of departure. This cultural approach aims to demonstrate how different actors in the fieldcollaborated (or not) and how besides designs, also words, hands and tools constructed our built environment. Bydoing so, the project not only answers the recurrent contemporary need to understand the evolution of ourarchitectural practice, but also fills a gap in the current international debate within the field of construction history.Moreover, the construction site as a locus for theoretical reflection focuses the developing discourse onarchitecture as material culture through the lens of its practices.
Date:1 Oct 2019  →  Today
Disciplines:Architectural history and theory