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Silicon-photonics-based laser spectroscopy platform: towards a paradigm shift inenvironmental monitoring and health care (InSpectra)

In this project the principal investigator (PI) and his team will bring together the field of silicon nanophotonics with the field of laser spectroscopy. The key question being addressed is: how can the powerful concepts of high-index-contrast nanophotonics be combined with the extreme accuracy of silicon technology and with the performance of hybrid silicon/III -V integration in order to create system -on -chip functionalities for advanced (bio-)spectroscopy. The answer to these questions holds the potential of revolutionizing the field of laser spectroscopy, in the sens that it can turn an advanced spectroscopy system into a small form -factor commodity system. This could have an enormous impact in applications such as point -of-care medical diagnosis and medical implants, monitoring of air, water and food quality, monitoring of mechanical and civil structures and as being a valuable tool for fundamental research.

Date:1 Apr 2011  →  31 Mar 2017
Keywords:silicon photonic laser spectroscopy
Disciplines:Communications, Communications technology