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SeStCoOs: Seismology of stellar coronal oscillations.

This project focusses on the subject of stellar coronal seismology. Coronal seismology is the research domain where observations of waves in the solar corona (the outermost layer of the solar atmosphere) are used as a means to do remote sensing. This is done by comparing the observations to detailed models. By adjusting the parameters of the models to match the observational features, information is gained on the medium of wave propagation. In the solar corona, the technique of coronal seismology has been quite successful. It has been used to measure the magnetic field, vertical stratification, thermal conduction, radial loop stratification. The aim of this project is to extend this technique to the seismology of the corona of other stars, by building on the knowledge gained from solar coronal seigmology.
Date:1 Oct 2011 →  30 Sep 2014
Keywords:Stellar coronae, Seismology, Solar physics, Corona
Disciplines:Astronomy and space sciences