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Seriality in the Contemporary 'Long-Term Television Narrative': Remediation and Migration of the Serial.

This project will take a more in-depth look at contemporary television series that produce an overarching narrative that spans the whole season or series, in contrast with TV series whose episodes only function as stand-alone stories. This kind of TV serial, which is called a long-term television narrative, has boomed in the past decade, and is different from its predecessors in that the narratives are much more complex. This project will focus on three facets of those TV series: how their seriality is indebted to past serial forms in other media; how the complexity of the storylines forms a vast narrative with branches into various other media and texts; and how seriality is formed and guaranteed through the underlying structure of the episodes, seasons and series.
Date:1 Oct 2012  →  30 Sep 2015
Keywords:Transmedialization, Vast narrative, Long-term television narrative, Seriality
Disciplines:Theory and methodology of literary studies, Language studies, Literary studies, Theory and methodology of language studies, Theory and methodology of linguistics, Other languages and literary studies