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Separometrics: Contributions to faster and more efficient method development and validation of pharmaceutical-analytical separation methods. (FWOKN211)

Abstract of the research project: Separometrics is the use of chemometric methods in separation techniques. The chemical analysis is necessary for the progress of science in general and of medicine in particular. Conclusions concerning e.g. the cause of illnesses, the effects and metabolization of drugs, are always based on analytical techniques, that provide a signal, which is specific and selective for one or more components. In most cases, especially in pharmaceutical analysis, the analysis method contains a separation technique (e.g. chromatography, electrophoresis). This implicates that the separations should be optimized.
Date:1 Jan 2009  →  31 Dec 2009
Keywords:Drug Analysis, Chemometrics, Analytical Chemistry, Chromatography, Artificial Intelligence, Food Analysis
Disciplines:Mathematical sciences, Chemical sciences, Pharmaceutical sciences