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Security and Privacy for Cyber-Physical Systems and the Internet of Things

Internet connectivity has been extending its reach from servers and clients into mobile devices, consumer products and increasingly also embedded systems that connect to industrial processes, vehicles, home automation, and even the human body. The resulting cyber-physical systems create a huge potential for the development of smarter and more efficient manufacturing, tele-medecine, traffic management and so forth. Maintaining security and privacy is one of the main concerns with the development of such systems. This project proposes fundamental research on techniques to engineer cyber-physical systems with a high assurance that they satisfy suitable security and privacy requirements. Starting from an analysis on the security and privacy requirements of cyber-physical systems, the project develops fundamental advances in cryptography, and in security and privacy technology at the hardware, software, system and architecture level.
Date:1 Oct 2015 →  30 Sep 2022
Keywords:security, pricacy
Disciplines:Communications, Communications technology