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Second life of sewage as a matrix for dilution of organic waste streams - Sewage Plus (180B12A7)

Almost every production process is confronted with wastestreams. This organic wastestreams can be valorised in the form of energy and fertilizers. Together with sewage as a dilution matrix, a reliable treatment scheme can be constructed. The focus is on the production of energy, recovery of nutrient and production of tap water from a non-traditional source.

Date:1 Nov 2007  →  31 Jan 2010
Keywords:anaerobic digestion, green energy and recovery
Disciplines:Agriculture, land and farm management, Microbiology, Laboratory medicine, Catalysis and reacting systems engineering, Separation and membrane technologies, Systems biology, Transport phenomena, General chemical and biochemical engineering, Chemical product design and formulation, Fisheries sciences, Biotechnology for agriculture, forestry, fisheries and allied sciences, Process engineering, Other (bio)chemical engineering