SeaCrops: technical and economical feasibility of land-based seaweed aquaculture (SeaCrops)

SeaCrops aims to investigate the technical and economic feasibility of sustainable landbased production of seaweed for human consumption (food). SeaCrops, which draws on the combined expertise of the Phycology Research Group (seaweed reproduction and growth), the Laboratory of Aquaculture & ARC (aquaculture systems) and GhEnToxLab (chemical analyses), has the intention to amount in a spin-off able to produce a selection of seaweeds for human consumption at a commercial scale. Thereto, SeaCrops will: (1) optimise parameters of the cultivation process which affect quantitative and qualitative aspects of seaweed production; (2) develop flexible recirculating aquaculture systems for onshore seaweed cultivation; (3) study the economical feasibility and the logistics of upscaling production to a commercial scale.

Date:15 Jan 2021 →  31 Oct 2022
Keywords:Upscaling, Aquaculture, Land-based production, Seaweed, Blue Economy