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Sabbatical Leave 2018-2019 Prof. Luc Pauwels

1. Completing the second version of the successful and influential 'SAGE Handbook of Visual Research Methods', now as the lead editor (co-editor is Dawn Mannay). 2. Various Visual Data Production Field Trips (performing systematic recording, repeat photography, respondent-generated image production, visual ethnography) in urban environments in North America (New York, Las Vegas, Chicago), Asia (Japan, China, India) and Europe (EU member states) as part of a number of ongoing and new research projects (on globalization, border experiences, mediated cities, EU culture). 3. Make a start with a new - long overdue - monograph about 'Visual Methods' as commissioned and contracted by Oxford University Press in its 'Understanding Qualitative Research Series' (series editor: Patricia Leavy).4. Finish articles and book chapters on: 'visual political communication' (Palgrave),' health related visual research' (TBD), 'scientific visualization' (Springer), 'street photography' (VS) , 'globalization', 'border studies', …5. Further develop two new research lines: 'Visual Border Studies' and the 'Visual Culture of the EU'.6. Continue my active involvement with international scientific organizations (IVSA, ISA, ICA,…) and scientific A1 journals 7. Ongoing supervision of approx. 10 PhD projects in various stages of completion.8. Find some time to finally catch up with some core readings in the field of visual research, visual culture, science and technology and urban studies.
Date:24 Sep 2018  →  23 Sep 2019
Disciplines:Applied sociology, Policy and administration, Social psychology, Social stratification, Social theory and sociological methods, Sociology of life course, family and health, Other sociology and anthropology