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Sabbatical Griet Galle

1. I will conduct a literature study in the field of philosophy subject didactics, mainly focusing on publications on the didactics of philosophy in the last years of secondary education. For this I will base myself on the rich international literature, especially from countries that have a long tradition in philosophy education, e.g. Germany and France. a. I will thoroughly read through important international publications on subject didactics in philosophy, which I have collected in recent years. b. Prior to and during the sabbatical period, I will locate and review additional international publications. The aim of the literature review is to strengthen the theoretical framework for the comparative analysis of school textbooks for philosophy education based on subject-specific insights (cf. infra). This is intended to result in a publication proposing a theoretical framework for this comparative analysis. 2. I am also planning a short study stay (one or two weeks) at the Georg Eckert Institut – Leibniz Institut für Internationale Schulbuchforschung in Braunschweig. a. I will make contact with employees of the institute who conduct research into textbook analyses. b. I will consult their collection, which contains textbooks from, among others, the field of religion/philosophy/ethics from Germany and all European countries. [If this study stay cannot take place due to the corona crisis, it would be nice if the budget that is available during the sabbatical period can also be used afterwards.]

Date:13 Sep 2021 →  12 Feb 2022
Keywords:didactics of philosophy, comparative analysis of textbooks, philosophy education in Europe
Disciplines:Religion and philosophy curriculum and pedagogics