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Tabula plena has become the new framework for architecture. A condition of objects & systems, fragments & remains, concepts & ideas, traces & significances, buildings & structures, all have accumulated over time without a clear hierarchy within the urban fabric. REVALUE wants to question the ever expanding heritagization of the built environment in Flanders from an architectural point of view. Transformation will become a main endeavour in the new architectural production (climate change, post-planning sprawl, densification, programmatic and cultural modernisations,...). REVALUE wonders if a specific methodology or intellectual context could be developed to drive architects, confronted with the vastness & richness of the tabula plena, to work between the fields of architecture, preservation, urban planning in order to overcome the (curated) distance between architecture and conservation? How can architecture transcend the (self-evident) environmental & technical context of reduce, repair, re-use & recycle? Could ‘design by reference’ provide a framework that combines the act of mapping & transformation of the fragment?

Date:6 Jan 2021  →  Today
Keywords:built heritage, architecture renovation, architecture practice, design by reference
Disciplines:Architectural engineering not elsewhere classified, Built heritage and renovation
Project type:PhD project