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RETHINKIN_ Rethinking Family and Family Law in the Low Countries (R-10811)

This WOG wants to scientifically direct the redefining of family rights of the low countries, and assume an international leading role in this process. Redefining family rights is necessary because of social evolutions that have undermined the base of traditional family rights. The WOG wants to play a pioneering role by performing this redefining in dialogue with other disciplines (inter- and intradisciplinary) and the society (transdisciplinary). This will be oriented from three research questions: 1. Which competence does the government have, concerning both substantively and procedural, in regulating family relationships in relation to the market and social security? 2. What should be the content of government actions, from the perspectives of citizenship, police power and parens patriae-competence? 3. How can law and policy be tuned better to social practices and perceptions? For this purpose, WOG bundles the complete academic family practice on postdoctoral level in Flanders (V.Fam.) together with the 'Nederlandse Alliantie Familie & Recht (ACFL, NIG and UCERF) under the Low Countries 'brand'. In first instance, this WOG will set up a Roadmap for Kinship & Family studies in the Low Countries and start scientifically working with it. The Roadmap will be the stepping stone for international research applications under the Horizon 2020-program. Resistant dialogue with an international multi- and transdisciplinary panel will permit to break the existing research landscape open and to form teams which will mine profitable areas in alliance with other disciplines.
Date:1 Jan 2020 →  Today
Keywords:comparative law, family law, Human Rights, international private law
Disciplines:Family law
Project type:Collaboration project